Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Things about me!

Ok Mary over at Gettysburg Homestead shared six things about her and wanted everybody that hasn't done it yet to do it.Its very funny cause I read hers and it sounded a lot like myself. So here I go and no judging:)

1. Like Mary I have no female friends that are not family members.My sister, cousin and mother and mother in law are the only girlfriends that I have.And NONE of them are interested in primitives or crafts so that's why I'm so happy to have found this place. Now I have me some online girls!!

2.I am addicted to sweets. I don't just mean that I like them a lot. I have a problem of getting up in the middle of the night and eating 3 4 or 5 cupcakes (that I told my hubby not to buy) while I'm still half asleep. I think I made need a lock on my pantry door where the key is hid from me.

3. I was already pregnant with my youngest son Lincoln when I got my tubes tied and had no idea.I had Landon and they messed up some paperwork that caused me not to be able to get the surgery right after so a couple months later I got the pregnancy test it was negative they did the surgery and 10 days later I'm in the emergency room cause of pain they did some tests and found out I was about 5 weeks pregnant!!! So here he is!!

4.My dream is to one day visit Maine! I dont know but for some reason I just have this bueatiful picture of me and my hubby livin by the water when we are older and retired and the kids are all grown up!!Which actually makes the next comment kind of strange

5. My biggest fear is water. I love to look at it but I mean I will go swimming in a pool and stuff but will you catch me out on a boat? I think not. My hubby hates it too cause he wants me to go fishin out on the lake and go on a cruise but no thank you!! I dont think its just the water itself I think its not knowing whats in the water!!

6.And this is the last but probably saddest. Between my first and second son a had a daughter,Riley. She got very sick at about 2 weeks old and I had to stay at Childrens Hospital with her for about 3 weeks where she passed away from pertussis (whooping cough).She wasnt old enough to have the first vaccine for it yet.She is now my little angel. Its a strange situation cause when people ask me how many kids I have I want to say 4 cause I feel like I'm leaving her out if I say I have 3 kids. So usually my response is Oh I have 3 boys.She is gone but will never be forgotton!!


Shay said...

Hi Ashley!
I'm a newbie to your blog, saw it through Mary's and wanted to pop on by to say "hi!" I read all the wonderful things about you! OK the sweet's thing isn't strange at all, what woman doesn't like sweets at 3am, while I don't do it every night, I did join ya there last night with some Dove Dark Chocolate! haha!

Oh your sweet little girl! I know she must've been such an angel! We just lost my neice that was 4 days old to Trisomy 18, when my sister is asked how many kiddos, she answers 4 and that includes Mallory. You do have 4, she's yours and always will be. What a wonderful mother you are, thanks for sharing her story. 3 boys! I have two! They are so wonderful, a handful, but wonderful!

Hmmm, I would love to visit Maine too, I hear it's just beautiful! I would love to see it during the fall, or go to Vermont too! Such beautiful country up there! Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you better! Have a wonderful day, glad I stopped by!

Linda said...

Aww thanks for sharing about Riley. What a difficult time that must have been. You do have an Angel watching over you now.

PS I could eat 5 cupcakes at 3 am too!!

Colleen said...

What a treat it was to learn more about you! And I'm sorry that you lost your baby girl. I'm sure she's keeping busy watching over that adorable trio of boys...

I live in Maine! I grew up in MA, went to college here in ME and never left. It's a beautiful state with so much to see -- the ocean, mountains, beaches, lakes, and everything in between.

Have a great night!

Merrie. said...

Hi there; I just found your blog; love it; I love sweets too; yikes! I have no excuse; I eat them wide awake! LOL! I am sorry about your little girl; it is very hard I know to answer that question; I had 2 kids; but my son died at 20; my daughter is now 29 and when people ask me that it is hard to say; if I say two; then they ask further questions and I have to tell them what happened and then they often feel bad for asking; if I say one that I feel like you do; as if I am denying he was here. I now have furkids; so often I just say I have four furkids; my daughter is on her own now; for people that I get close with, I will share the story with them when appropriate, but even now it is still hard as I am sure it is for you too. Always a mom, no matter what. I will add you to my faves; I love prims too and make many; I am now mom to four furkids; English Bulldogs. Come over and visit sometime. Merrie