Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Fall!!!!

Oh I just love fall and in the little bit of time I've had to myself I started to decorate my house a bit.I wish I could leave the fall decorations out year round. I love all the colors and it makes my house feel a little more cozy. These are the first pictures that Ive posted of my house and please excuse the toys and diapers and such laying all around LOL Having two of my kids in diapers and still on the bottle doesn't give me much time to do anything especially clean my house and when it comes down to it Id much rather decorate for fall then clean. Would it be wrong of me if I just covered up the mess with some pretty red and orange fallen leaves from the trees?LOL :) My house isn't really prim the way I would like it to be yet but we are just starting out in this new house and I haven't go to paint the walls yet and well you all know that decorating your home in prim or antiques can get very expensive. This is just a start of my autumn decorating so I hope you enjoy my pics let me know what you think. Oh and if your wondering why I don't have anything on my lower shelves or benches that would be because my 1 year old thinks mommy's prettys are for throwing like a baseball!!Oh the joys of motherhood!

And here is that little 1 year old Landon enjoying his daily breakfast of cereal and a banana. He would flip out if he woke up and had no banana for breakfast. Well sorry ladies my cameras batteries decided to die on me so this is all I can post at the time.Im gonna try to find some more and Ill be back to post more pics.

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Colleen said...

Oh, boy -- can I relate!!! I keep trying to do a deep clean so that I can decorate. Maybe I should just embrace the dust bunnies and get to decorating! I agree that it's way more enjoyable. And let's face it, with three kids in tow we're doing well to get these things done. I think I'm the only one who notices the dust and such around here anyway :)

I understand about building a prim/decorating collection a little bit at a time. My wish list is long for both house projects and treasures to acquire, but we go about it all one step at a time. That's part of the fun.

Enjoy your new space and share some photos when you can. I promise to do the same!