Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally got me some mums!!

I just love mums!! Another one of my favorite things about fall!! I went to a local farmers market just down the road and got a pretty good deal on these. The owner actually goes to my church so I know him pretty well. I got these 3 mums for 20 bucks. The red one is HUGE and it actually was a very very bold deep red color but the sun has faded it before I got to take pics. I got a rusty orange colored one to but I cant seem to find the pic of it. I LOVE the bright yellow one!!

It actually kills me to have to buy mums now cause I'm used to getting them for a dollar or two. But since my stepdad passed away last year my mom no longer runs the store/flea market where they sold mums and pumpkins and seasonal produce. I just love this time of the year because it reminds me of my step dad (but always felt like my real dad) I always went with him and my mom to the auctions and wholesale places where they bought mums and such. I always knew I would get to pick out what I wanted when we got back before they put it up for sale. I knew if I batted my eyelashes and stuck my lip out far enough that he would let me pick out any of it. Ok ok I admit I was way spoiled by him even as an adult.

Well at least I dont have to buy pumpkins this year it looks like I have a few growing out back right behind my deck. Ever since they put our new house in at this time last year I have pumpkins and gourds and squash growing all the way around my house.It must be where they tilled up the soil around the house and we never did get to planting the grass like we should have.And I'll admit I kind of just let the pumpkins and gourds rot that I had for decoration last year and so now instead of grass we have all these growing.The first pic is one that just started growing by my front steps. The other two are by my back deck.

I got all this Indian corn for 2 bucks from an amish girl that has a roadside stand right up the road. She sells her stuff so cheap!!


Colleen said...

Your mums are gorgeous! I hope to get mine this weekend... Isn't this just a wonderful time of year?! Enjoy it!

Shay said...

Very pretty! We hit the pumpkin patch last weekend and I love my Indian corn I bought, and it was so cheap just like yours! I hope to get some mums this weekend, I just love all the colors, the red and orange are my fav's though! Enjoy your new Mums!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi, just love those mums and I just got done watering mine, came into the house and it started to rain...that always happens to me:)

I dread paying for pumpkins this year. I think I'm only buying two!

basketsnprims said...

I love your mums. They are gorgeous. I didn't get any this year but got lots of pumpkins & gourds instead. Happy October.


Shari Kraft said...

I love mums, too. They're my birthday flower--November.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Well, it is really looking like fall at your home. Them mum is beautiful...I haven't gotten any yet. What am I waiting on? Dianntha

Jacquelynne said...

I haven't gotten mine yet but after seeing yours I know I must go out and get them soon! So pretty!

Wood n' Whimsy said...

I too hate paying the price, but they are sooo pretty! I bought a truckload of pumpkins for my shop and fall festivals I have booths at this year. I love this time of year too. Come on by and enter my newest giveaway at Wood n' Whimsy. God Bless! Celene